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Digital is nothing

31 Enero 2014 | 1 Comentario

A world where people demand a plan their own way, no matter where they are, while co-creating brands. Consumers who leave for retail just the show-rooming while experiencing mobile premises. Citizens who collaborate to a city from which they demand immediate answer. Employees empowered to talk about their employers throughout their (social) media. Guess which world. Our digital world, the way yesterday was presented at IE Digital Forum #IETech.

Companies are no longer owning brand equity. Brands become social. Building a strong brand is all about getting the audience to co-create it by telling stories. This way works Ángel González @Ideagoras with brands. Love is not enough. A social brand is humble, listens and dialogues. GE Healthcare give the voice to people about their health concerns and diseases, no matter if they market B2B medical devices. Buyers -said Ángel- appreciate them approaching and supporting people to prevent diseases towards a world of chronic ones and selfcare.

Travelers want to get a plan their own way. We usually visit several web sites to plan a trip and get too many results. In the digital world, less is better and, especially when it comes to mobile devices. That’s the viewpoint of Luigi Battista @Amadeus. Technology will soon let us search by our own words by semantic algorithms, access to relevant content on the fly and to more opportunities C2C, such as sharing car or apartment.

People’s behavior is changing, cities as well. Population will grow up to 80% by 2050. Cities changed so far in terms of infrastructure. Now cities have to attend to more needs with the same resources. Disruption comes from citizens: they ask for new services. Alejandro Pérez Candela @Indra explained it: Mobile access to information changed the citizen’s vision. We want cities to answer immediately, open channels to participate. A city will only be smart by reflecting citizen’s active and collaborative behaviors.

All these trends entail big data to be gathered. Companies are struggling to extract from them hints and patrons for consumer’s insights, slicing up datamarts into layers: descriptive, predictive, prescriptive, real-time, content… They seek the voice of customer and the customer experience through out multi-channels. Customer is omni-channel but companies are still integrating them. In words of Oscar Rozalén @Deloitte, breaking the customer data iceberg.

Lots of players are contributing to a digital world. Companies try to follow overwhelming initiatives from users. Everything gets confused as mobile is omnipresent. No borders let companies respond by department. B2B is now also B2C. Saying digital today is saying nothing. Digital is a synonym of street, shop, marketing… being.

Some statements to tweet:

  • A social brand is to be co-created by the audience @angel189 @Ideagoras
  • Cities need to be smart because mobile access changed the citizens’ vision, Alejandro Perez @Indra
  • There is a 12% gap between level of data produced and used, Javier Torres @Oracle
  • Employees are our best ambassadors on the web, Nerea García @Acciona
  • B2C is somehow hidden but always part of the equation in B2B, Luigi Battista @Amadeus

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